Understanding our Position

This year at clubfest, we in McMaster LifeLine encountered many students who have already made up their mind about abortion–which did not surprise or bother me. I was concerned that some students clammed up and ducked away as soon as they learned that we’re pro-life.

I get it, I really do. Mainstream media most often portrays pro-lifers as misogynistic old white men, or extremists who shun science and are completely out of touch with reality. Who wants to associate with that? Well, if you’re reading this page, thank you for giving us a chance to actually explain the pro-life position (and hopefully debunk that cringe-inducing stereotype.)

In the links below, you’ll find a “classroom” with responses to different questions that are frequently posed to us by our peers. Our explanation is far from extensive, so we encourage you to do further research on whatever interests you personally. Whether you agree with little to none of what we say in these modules, we hope that we challenged you to think for yourself about a topic worth discussing.

“What if I told you that I had an abortion?” Response “What if a woman was raped?” Response “Don’t you care about born people?” Response “Are you a vegetarian?” Response “Don’t you know how taxing pregnancy can be?” Response
“What about ‘real’ social injustices?” Response “Your fetal models are wrong.” Response “Every Child A Wanted Child.” Response “No Uterus, No Opinion.” Response “It’s her body.” Response
“It may be human but it’s not a person” Response “It’s not alive until it’s _#_ weeks” Response “It doesn’t even look human” Response “It isn’t even conscious.” Response “It’s a parasite” Response