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One of the most difficult topics to discuss, yet one of the most important, life-changing conversations to have.

On Being Misheard

A few weeks ago a person by the name of Emily Smith wrote an article in The Silhouette called “On Being Silenced.” This was in response to a cross-campus chalking project which contained phrases such as “your life is beautiful,”

Silence above the Shouting

“The quiet scares me ‘cause it screams the truth.” –Pink The pro-choice movement has begun a hashtag trend called “shout your abortion” in an attempt to de-stigmatize the act of abortion. Some post-abortive women have taken to twitter with 140-character

When is Elective Abortion Wrong?

If you support elective abortion – defined as on-demand abortions for non-medical reasons – then you have to answer this question, “At what point is it wrong?” Is abortion wrong when the life that’s ended has its own genetic coding,

“This is MY body – But I don’t want it!”

Fellow feminists, In case you haven’t noticed, women (or “womyn”, if you prefer) are immensely powerful. And I’m not just talking “Lady Macbeth” meets “Charlie’s Angels.” While there is something to be said about feminine beauty and strength, our power

Why the pro-choice argument is flawed

I just want to highlight a few points from O’Connor’s argument in our previous post on why pro-choice mentality is so alluring – when we think about abortion only in the context of the woman: We should be able to