Author: Julia

“Death Talk”

This semester, Lifeline has decided to focus on the topic of euthanasia and assisted suicide.   Euthanasia: the act or practice of killing hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of

New Year; New Theme

Hey Everyone! We hope all of you are settling into an amazing school year! This year, we are choosing to focus on the question: “What does it mean to respect human life?” Specifically, this question will be looked at in light of different

“This is MY body – But I don’t want it!”

Fellow feminists, In case you haven’t noticed, women (or “womyn”, if you prefer) are immensely powerful. And I’m not just talking “Lady Macbeth” meets “Charlie’s Angels.” While there is something to be said about feminine beauty and strength, our power

Why the pro-choice argument is flawed

I just want to highlight a few points from O’Connor’s argument in our previous post on why pro-choice mentality is so alluring – when we think about abortion only in the context of the woman: We should be able to

The Pro-Choice Response to Motion 312

As you know, a Conservative member of Parliament has requested to pass a Motion that is an investigation into the Criminal Code’s definition of a human being, as the code currently states that a child is not a human being