Author: amber

On Being Misheard

A few weeks ago a person by the name of Emily Smith wrote an article in The Silhouette called “On Being Silenced.” This was in response to a cross-campus chalking project which contained phrases such as “your life is beautiful,”

Silence above the Shouting

“The quiet scares me ‘cause it screams the truth.” –Pink The pro-choice movement has begun a hashtag trend called “shout your abortion” in an attempt to de-stigmatize the act of abortion. Some post-abortive women have taken to twitter with 140-character

When is Elective Abortion Wrong?

If you support elective abortion – defined as on-demand abortions for non-medical reasons – then you have to answer this question, “At what point is it wrong?” Is abortion wrong when the life that’s ended has its own genetic coding,

Breaking the Silence

A few weeks ago I came across an adorable pregnancy announcement between Sam and his wife Nia. Sam took a fresh sample of his wife’s urine from the toilet, and used it on a home pregnancy test. When it came