Month: March 2012

Breaking News!

Last night, a willing pro-choicer contacted US to debate, at EXTREMELY last minute!  We were able to go through with the debate after all, through an unexpected turn of events, and the night went great! The room was full to capacity

What do you think about abortion?

Abortion: Human right? Thursday March 22nd, 7-9pm, Hamilton Hall 302. Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform will deliver her opening statement on the position that abortion is a human violation. Following that will be an extended Q&A

Why talk about abortion?

Most of us have probably never thought about abortion before. Or maybe you have thought about it a lot. Maybe you’ve been brought face to face with abortion in a crisis pregnancy, or someone you know has considered one, or

ATTN: Debate Opponent Wanted to defend women’s rights.

McMaster Lifeline is currently seeking a speaker willing to step forward and defend the position that abortion is a woman’s right in a formal debate for the McMaster campus. The opponent who had been confirmed with us for over 2