Who we are

McMaster Lifeline is a student run club committed to proclaiming and defending the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death. We believe that the right to life is the fundamental right, inherent to all people, regardless of race, gender, capability, or age.  We oppose acts which fail to protect and affirm the dignity of human life.

We use scientific fact, sound reasoning, and logic to defend the personhood and dignity of all human life. We aim to educate and inspire students at McMaster to think honestly about ethical issues, in order to make informed judgements for themselves.

To deny facts and sound reasoning only to maintain your position at any cost is a great poverty for a university student. Here more than anywhere else, open dialogue is promoted on serious issues that affect the whole of society.

“An honest conviction is one arrived at after an open-minded search for the truth; a prejudice is one arrived at before.” – Right to Know 


Lifeline seeks to inform students looking for answers, equip those ready to defend life, and prompt everyone to engage in honest thought and dialogue about matters of ethics and the human person.


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